Thursday, September 11, 2008

exhaustion comes swiftly

so tired today i can't stand it.  i hate morte d'arthur.  sorry, it's true.  i'm not an english major.  obviously.  anyway, it's not my favorite.  maybe if i had more time to read it, to savor the language, to do anything academic... but no, i'm drawn in 200 directions today.  yesterday.  the day before.  and tomorrow- more of the same.  i need a break.  i need a day off from mommyhood.  alas.  i can't have one.  none of us can.  its the one thing no one tells you when you're pregnant.  i'm sure they omit this from every baby book because they don't want to discourage people.

i'm going to bed as soon as my kids are in bed, the lunches are made, the laundry is done, the kitchen is clean, the pets are fed, & my paper is done...  i'm never going to bed, am i?

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