Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Got Running?

Oh yea, I remember now.  I had forgotten why I was so keen on running.  Seriously (to quote my favorite T).  Seriously, I had not had a really decent workout since finishing the 1/2.  For a minute I even considered quitting running (but I'm not really a quitter).  I was honestly starting to question why this was my "new sport".  I mean, it's not like the gods haven't been trying to show me that this ISN'T my sport... Need proof?
1) Broken FOOT
2) Stomach flu the week before the Half.
3) More humid than Africa on the day of the Rock N Roll Half
4) Not to MENTION the TROPICAL STORM for the AA5K.  

Yes, those do look like acts of God (or Goddess) to me.  Oh, and don't forget that I'm slower than, well, pretty much everyone else in the free world.  

So, I was starting to question my dedication to this sport, until TODAY.  I had one of those runs, where you start out at the 10:20 pace (fast for me) and run for a while... and never stop for the whole 4 miles!!!  I never stopped running except to sip for about 10 steps.  I averaged a 10:40 pace.  Whew- I feel validated! 

Got running?

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