Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - the year of the "future"

I dislike New Years Resolutions, because I think they're impossible to keep. I like to make "Goals for the New Year", because I think Goals are like "plans", and I'm a planner. I also think RESOLUTIONS leaves no room for flexibility, where as GOALS are something you tailor to meet your changing needs. Missing a GOAL is something that happens and changing a GOAL sounds like an acceptable way to stay on track; missing a resolution or changing a resolution sounds like something a weak person would do. SO, I'm all about the GOALS here....


The first GOAL is to continue the 4.0. I'd like to keep the perfect record going forward for a number of reasons, one being that I like to be a little smug about that sort of thing seeing as I spent so many years feeling stupid around my smart friends. This is also the year I apply to nursing school, and while they won't be using classes from my first attempt through college, they will have access to my old transcripts from Tidewater College, and the fact of the matter is that I wasn't an honors student in 1996. I'll accomplish this by READING and STUDYING - 2 "tools" in my "tool belt" that I picked up along the way.
The second GOAL is to be accepted into NURSING SCHOOL by September/October. It's got a slash because some years they tell people by Sept 30, and some years by Oct 1. I'll accomplish this by keeping a 4.0, preparing for and scoring well on my entrance exams, and applying before the deadline.

Last year I endeavored to lead my family to a "more green home". In some ways I succeeded quite nicely - I surely recycle more than before, we grew organic tomatoes & basil on the deck by sliding the plants everyday at midday toward the sun, and we all use our reusable bottles more often than not. And in some ways I failed - my kids & H NEVER remember to turn off the lights or the TV. This year I'm going to continue to that GOAL toward a green house. I truly believe that IF I kept a cleaner home there would be less waste, and therefore, I can accomplish the goal of a green home. So, add "Keep house clean" to the GOALS.
Also, yesterday, H & I paid off all our credit cards. We emptied our savings accounts to accomplish this, but, it's done. Live within my means is on the list. I will accomplish this by making the tough choices and paying with cash whenever possible. Please pray that the house I live in takes a turn for the better in the health department, because frankly, we cannot afford any more major plumbing or contracting work. We no longer have an emergency house fund. Or an entertainment fund. Or a vacation fund. This kinda sucks.
Walk the dogs at least 4 days a week. I used to do this, and then H said he was going to start doing it... so.... I'm going to take this one back. If he does start doing it, they'll get double the exercise and we'll all be happier anyway.

So, for those who didn't know, I coined the phrase a**. I also am fond of the word "effing", and when you read me quote myself as saying "son of a pooterhead" or "heckfireandshoot", that is probably NOT what I actually said... I have a dirty mouth. I grew up with a Dad with a dirty mouth, and I live with a husband who drops the eff-bomb on a daily basis. I am going to stop all the cussing. Harder than it looks. I will accomplish THIS goal by breaking the habit and replacing the words with an adult vocabulary. A few years ago I successfully changed my favorite kid friendly "cuss word" from Crap to Carp. I even plan to stop Carping. So. If I seem quieter than usual, it's because I'm trying to think up new adjectives!
I also plan to pick back up on writing the "Neurosis of the Stay at Home Mom" book. And this time, I'll back it up. It will probably be rejected like the other book, but you know what? It will be amusing to someone, and I'll try to publish it in Blogland. That's a long term goal.
Donate my Hair to Locks of Love. It's almost long enough, I just need a few more inches so I won't be BALD after I do it.

(this one is so much easier AND harder than in ought to be... there are subcategories)
-Nutrition: I'm going to try to live by the motto that FOOD IS FUEL, NOT FUN. I use food for pleasure and socialization. This is not a good lifestyle choice. Thankfully in 2009 I cut myself down to very little alcohol so that won't be hard. I overheard someone say something about "g'll drink, so we have to buy wine", and it was a wake up call. I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic, but I am saying that I am going to stay on my reduced alcohol lifestyle. Besides, it's cheaper... see above note about poorness. Accomplish these goals by not eating so much SUGAR or CANDY or COOKIES, portion control, & possibly see a nutritionist. I will also reintroduce myself to my FOOD JOURNAL... we've been apart for a while now, I think it's time to get back together.

-General: My GOAL is to get a little leaner. I'm not trying to apply to be AMERICA's Next Top Model, but at the same time, I don't think my hips and thighs should look like something off of the Biggest Loser. I will accomplish this through my nutrition goals, and through P90X. A dear friend loaned me her disks, and I have been remiss about returning them. Hopefully I can keep them a little longer. My "excuse" takes a nap every day, 7 days a week, and I'm going to use this break to get leaner. I will also RIDE MY BIKE 1-2X per week. My "excuse" has a seat on the back of the bike, so, I can simply take her with me once it warms up a bit. Until then, I'm going to have to find time to do it, even if it means begging my playgroup.

-Running: Its so funny because my goals would be SO different if I'd been writing this in Oct or early Nov.- there would be all kinds of time goals like a 53minute 10K and a sub 2 hour half Marathon, and even an ultimate goal of a 4:30 Marathon... and a weekly milage goal of 25+ miles... but instead I'm going with Get Running ASAP and Use Good Form. I wouldn't ride a horse with bad form, why run with bad form? I'm also broke, so racing is not going to be high on the list. I'm definitely aiming for a Spring 8K or 10K comeback race, the 17.75K, a "fall half" and the Richmond Marathon, which is thankfully paid for in advance. I'll have to use the rest of my running budget to pay the Witch Dr and to buy Shoes. Ultimately, I want to increase my weekly milage, but now, when I'm looking forward to 1-2 miles a week, I don't know what that goal will be for the year. I'll update it later.

WEIGHT!- Oh, I mean WAIT! Of course, there's got to be some goal in here about that... right? It's against the law in Blogland to post a New Years Resolution Blog List without it. So, this year I'm going to try to get down to a Healthy BMI. Seriously. I'm a SIZE 6 Ann Taylor Jeans and I am at an unhealthy BMI for my age, height. Isn't that sick? Yea, I think so too, but my health insurance premiums are that of a woman who is over weight because technically, I am over weight. I could stand to lose 5-7 pounds though, and that's my GOAL. If I do, my largest 6's will probably fall off my a** (whoops), I meant to say "fall off my booty" and then I'll be washing them in hot because did I mention, I'm broke? Be assured, any money I do find laying around will NOT go to civilian clothes. I can accomplish this goal by reaching for my other fitness and nutrition goals.

And there you have it - as promised - a not very amusing list of things I will do this year.


TMB said...

you rock and those goals are going to be your b*tch (I added that * so that you don't have to cuss when you read this)

momof3 said...

LOL - thanks for the *.