Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Good, The BAD, The Ugly and the WTF?


B moved herself out of her Toddler bed and into her "Big Girl" twin size bed all by herself. I was hesitant to celebrate this when it happened unexpectedly on Sunday night, so I just sort of laid low. But now, given a few successful nights and naps, I think a little celebration is in order. Of course there are things I can't wrap my head around about this- like how such a small body needs such a large sleeping area. She's not exactly the biggest kid for her age, but she likes having her own big girl bed, and it makes reading stories much easier.


Anatomy & Pysiology started on Monday. First off, YAY me, I have actually experienced the joy of going into a class and recognizing a fellow student. Nice Guy is in my class again this semester. I think he might be a little dumbfounded by why I take so many notes. To learn, I have to write it down. And so, The BIC pen Company is kept in business by me. Truly though, the bad, is that the professor, who we'll call Dr Zoo is from Korea? maybe. I'm not racist, don't be silly. I am HARD OF HEARING. What this means is that I spend 30% of my time in class decoding what Dr Zoo has said in his accent while the rest of the class has moved on. Uhg. And while he speaks english better than I speak Korean, I caught myself writing notes in his accent. As in, I was rereading what I had written, and it was definitely in the WRONG grammatical order. So. It's going to be a long semester. He seems pretty nice though, and has given me hope that he definitely knows his stuff & how to teach it. (as anyone who's ever been to college knows, it's not what you know, it's about what you can teach). For those who follow the blog, SRG is NOT in my class this semester. She chose to take a day class. Do not panic, upon examination of the room on Monday, I feel CERTAIN I can identify a new student to fill her shoes in the entertainment department.


Due to a new pay cycle at work, H got paid on Dec 31, and we will not get paid again until Jan 22. It's "uncomfortable" at this point, with empty gas tanks and lots of driving to do. But we're credit card free, and so, I guess it's true when they say "freedom comes with a price". We'll find a way to make it through.

(and when I say that, it's not a cuss word, it's "What the "Frick", so that doesn't count right?)

Last night I was home alone w/ the 3 kids. H was at his second job (which is how we do things like become credit card free during a recession AND afford to (barely) feed our family while also heating our home). The kids were upstairs getting ready for bed and reading (aka arguing), and I was in the process of cleaning the kitchen (aka on facebook) when the doorbell rang. It was about 7:15 or so, so I opened the shade and peaked out before I opened the door.

And there was a woman on my front porch who looked a lot like Courtney H. And since I knew I had something Courtney H was supposed to pick up I thought, AH HA! Courtney H is here to pick up her baby clothes. I grabbed Desi's collar (so she wouldn't eat Courtney H) and opened the door. Only, when I answered the door I saw it wasn't Courtney at all, it was a very angry looking woman.

"Can I...?" I started to ask, carefully keeping Desi slightly behind the partly closed door.

And the woman's body position changed and she suddenly hissed at me, "Stay away from my Husband."

At this point Desi dog morphed into Desdemona the HUGE DOG that I'm suddenly grappling with as she's lunging at this woman with huge fangs and a giant rumbling growl.

"Do.. WHAT? I'm sorry ma'am, I don't know who you are, and I don't know who your husband is. This is a mistake. Get off my porch."

"It's No mistake Susan Finn, you stay away from my Husband." The ah ha moment again for me and obviously my body language must've changed because suddenly Desi is sitting beside me like a mute. And the moment of uncertainty from the angry woman... "Are you Susan Finn?"

"I am not Susan. I am g. Finn."

And the woman bursts into tears, "Do you know her, is she a relative?" and after some more comforting by me (yes, I'm now comforting a woman who's rung my doorbell and accused me of sleeping with her husband) she managed to get herself under control enough to apologize and go back to her car.

So there you go. Just another Tuesday Night in the Suburbs.


Fay said...

Wow! I love the stranger at your door story. I felt like I was reading a novel and you were able to reveal a big secret! Glad it's not true :-)


too funny! only in wellesley ...

robinbb said...

Wow, what a crazy moment....hehe.

RunHapi13 said...

Holy carp, the good was good, the bad was BAD, but the UGLY??? That is stuff movies are made of...jeez!