Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking Full Credit

I have decided I need to take full Credit and acknowledge that I more than likely made the 1000 miles last year. Really, I am not a fan of taking credit where credit isn't due, but here's what I came up with...

I ran a Garmin monitored 699 miles. Plus, I didn't have the Garmin at the Frostbite 15K (when I forgot it), on a 12 mile training run (when it wasn't charged - operator error), and on Marathon day when it just decided it needed the day off and wouldn't respond. So, add those miles to the 699 (nearly 50 miles). Then, go back to May, when I ran a 5K with Tonia, and then we walked backwards through the course, and ran our kids in a mile - add that mile.... add the 1/2 miles in July that I ran with C. (twice around my in laws block, and no, she never did enjoy running as much as she wanted to enjoy running). I never used my watch timing on those days, because it's set to a speed zone to beep, and it will beep if I'm walking/running below 10:30's or so. C doesn't run very fast.

And I'm at just over 750 miles. Which SOUNDS 25% short of the goal, right?

Ok, now consider this. Three times a week at minimum, regardless of weather or other fitness plans, I walk my dogs. Year round. Sometimes I would walk with Ann & the dogs, and babies, take the kids and drop them at preschool, and go out for a 8 mile solo run. I never wore the watch on those walks though, again, because of my pace zones. SO I asked the neighbor if she would give an estimate of how many times she thought we'd walked in 2009 - except for July, she agrees - we at least averaged 2 times a week together. Given there were weeks we walked 4 -5 days, and the weeks that I couldn't walk due to the stupid knee.... she thought that 2 sounded low, but fair. So, 52 weeks, times 5 miles.... 260 miles.

I think I need to just acknowledge that if we're counting "intentional" walking miles, which I assure you - my dogs count them, I should just take credit for making that crazy goal.

Which is good, because I missed last year's RACE 100 MILES goal, but about 8 miles or so. I would have had a 10K and 5K to push me over the top, but the 10K turned out to be a 1.7 miler, and the 5K couldn't happen due to the injury.

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