Sunday, January 10, 2010

Personal Underachievement

Think I could train up to a 10K in 5 days?

No? Me either.

I am really heartsick that I can't race in Bermuda. But. To my surprise, I am not going to race in Bermuda.

How is this a surprise? I haven't run for weeks, going on months. I just somehow thought that in the 11th hour something was going to come through for me at the end of Dec. and I was going to be able to SOMEHOW at least run the 10K.

I spent 6 months looking forward to this Half Marathon. For me going to Bermuda is like GOING HOME. Imagine running a Half Marathon or 10K in the place that makes you feel like "HOME"? And. I. cannot. run. I can only run/walk a 5K according to the witch Dr, which frankly, doesn't do me a lick of good since there is not a 5K offered. There's an Invitational Mile, but my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail.

Regardless of what distance I was going to run, I thought it would be fun to run with T in a place as beautiful as BDA. Knowing that she can probably PR even if she doesn't try that hard, I thought (THOUGHT) I would even be able to keep up with her for a change and that we could cross the finish line "together" or darned close. I didn't aim to PR in Bermuda (due to the hills), I really thought this might be my travel "PU".

"Personal Underachievement". I guess, in a way, it is. I'm doing the smart thing, I'm NOT running against Dr's orders. I'm going to achieve the best possible results for myself this weekend, even though it's below the expectations I set for myself last summer. And thankfully I've now had some experience as cheering squad, course support and running people "in". I've discovered that it's almost as much fun as running.

I've decided to wait in the start corral with T (bib# on, because I have one & will NOT be photographed running bandit). And maybe run a bit with her... for a few seconds at the start. I can likely run a 1/4 mile without violating the understanding with my Dr. After that 1/4 mile I will cheer loudly before turning around and walking toward the finish... and then backwards through the course until about mile 12.6 so I can be there to cheer her for the last push. It's a loop, so it's not likely I will be able to get to a half way point (sorry T, there are only about 3 major roads on BDA, 2 of them will be closed, and I won't have a car or bike).

If my calculations are correct, I'll probably be walking backwards through the course to the hotel where H & I honeymooned, back when Bermuda was still a foreign country. And there I will wait while T takes an unguided tour of Bermuda.

She'll run out of the City of Hamilton and then off to the South Road. Incase you bloggy readers are inclined to feel sorry for T, as she'll now be running alone, let me see if I can make you feel better.... this will likely be her view:

Around the Halfway mark T will be running past my favorite village - Flatts. Flatts is a study in contrasts. The color of the water stands in stark contrast to the pink and salmon colored buildings that make up the village. It sits on the very edge of the water, which carves a blue streak through the buildings. The tidal change is very dramatic there, and the water is often churning. Flatts isn't a big town, in a matter of minutes she'll be through it. Then she'll track up along North Shore Road. Trust me when I say that the view does not suck.

This is going to be awesome. Even as I'm mourning my lost run, I will celebrate T's glorious finish! Of course, it WOULD be nice if the weather would cooperate.

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK I can read the sadness in this post, sooo sorry buddy.. Being sidelined is TOUGH.. I have heard people call themselves "Athletic supporters" which always makes me laugh...not to make light of it, but maybe think of yourself as that and you can have a little internal chuckle.. HAVE A FUN TRIP!!