Thursday, January 7, 2010

Celebrity comes with a Price

I'm famous now. Sure, sure...autographs are fine, no worries.

I was featured on the front page of a local publication, after all. When I say publication, I really mean, local free press, but hey everyone starts somewhere. Here's the BOMB photo though, for your viewing pleasure!!!

Of course, the worst part of this is: I'm running. And my Dr, who has banned me from running, saw this today and, yes, it was he who brought it to my attention. Uh. SO BUSTED!

The second worst part is: I'm running BANDIT! I only completed a little less than a mile of the course because all I did was run a friend in! Knowing I wasn't cleared to run and race by my Dr, I didn't sign up to run the race. I really just jumped in when I saw her struggling (and Carla, when I say struggling, I mean actually that you looked effortless and beautiful) and I bailed on our sprint to give the correct spelling of our names to the photographer... (so, Carla... about those extra letters...) and then I ran hard so when she got to the "chute" she could hear me cheer and have the glory of the finish.

But the caption doesn't say all that, it says I finished. Bandit.


Chele said...

Your feet aren't touching the ground... and Carla appears to be gazing off at the scenery enjoying herself...

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OMW this is sooo funny!! But you got to be in the paper so there!!