Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I miss you SRG

Dear SRG,

I think I miss you. I do. There is no one to make fun of in my class this semester who satisfies my mean streak the way you did. There is "Texting Teachers Pet", but I'm on the fence about her, she might actually be a threat to my status as Teacher's Pet. And, she might be smart enough to pull all this off, but I won't know until after the tests are in....

TTP is a young woman who arrived in class tonight a few minutes late, and as such she was stuck sitting in the front with me. I sit in the front for two reasons. The first is that I can't hear worth a darn. The second is that I barely make it to class on time on Wednesdays and as far as seats go, I get what I get.

So because she came in after class started, she had to sit beside me. She's about 18-19 years old, cute, small... gosh I bet she's barely 5 ft and approaching 100 pounds. I haven't seen that side of 100 pounds in, well, too many years to worry about. I think I might have been 11. ~sigh~, what was I saying? Oh, right- she's tiny. Dark skinned, and very VERY pretty, with cute glasses that make her look... 12. I wonder if she imagines that they make her look more studious? Anyway, she was my entertainment and annoyance for the evening.

She has a crackberry and is obviously in need of an intervention.

TTP sat with her phone on her lap all night, and every time our prof turned to write on the white board she would text furiously... and then he would turn around and she would chime in with a comment or question about what he was saying.... so....
Dr Zoo, "an' dats why the uh, RTP is uh, transporting the infomation...." he turns... and, cue TTP.
"SO, What you mean is RTP is the Transporter?"
Dr Zoo, "Uh, yes, dats what I mean."

I admit to having a violent thought wander through my head at one point when I considered *itch slapping her after she piped in a random thought when I knew she's written exactly nothing down nor heard a thing he'd said during the lecture. She simply repeats his last sentence. I'm not sure if he knew she was texting, or not. But still, very annoying whether he knew about it or not. This campaign to be the teacher's pet either needs to be run with some respect - aka without text-aholism, OR it needs to stop.

Seriously, if someone is going to be the teacher's pet, it's going to be someone who's actually deserving of that position. Specifically ME. So let's just get that straight.

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Anne said...

:)this made me smile! This new addiction is out of control for some...