Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Void in my Life

I know, we're all supposed to pretend like the void in our lives was filled by our Husbands. And yes, my husband likes to pretend that too (about me), but in all seriousness, the voids in our "lives" can only be filled by ourselves and our own passion for life.

And our girlfriends.

I G, take you T, to be your faithful running mate.
To run with and train with, from this day forward, for PR's and PUs, through knee pain and foot pain, Through torrential rain and sunny heat, As long as we both shall remain injury free. And hereto I pledge to you my runningness.

We've been faithfully reading each others minds (weird but sometimes true), scheduling our lives and race calendars around each other for almost 2 years.

This injury really left me OUT of the LOOP and it left T as an island running alone in a sea of runners. How do you run without your running mate? Your exit buddy? Your navigator? Your copilot? How does anyone run without their other half? Their therapist? Their trainer? Their motivational speaker? Their comic relief? I don't know, and I'm SUPER happy to be back!!!



seriously! did you really not read my post until after you wrote this one? It's scary how much we think alike ... and those vows ... I almost fell off my seat!

RunHapi13 said...

Love it! You two are very lucky to be married to each other in run!