Thursday, February 25, 2010

40 Bags - 7

For Lent this year I decided to give 40 bags away. I thought that the first 20 bags would probably come easy, the second half would be harder - but the first 7 were so easy to assemble that I think I should have made a 2 bag a day goal. Especially since we decided that Sunday's bag will always be food for the Food Bank.

40 bags of good stuff, not 40 bags of trash. I had it in my head that I was going to collect it all and make one big trip, but - uh, that's not going to be possible. 7 bags in and I have to make a run. Not all the items go to the Good Will or Am Vets, 1 bag is for the Food Bank as I said, and that's items that me & my kids went out and bought just for them. This is about sacrifice. I'm not giving 40 bags of stuff that's junk. Some of the stuff is nice, but we have 2, or don't use, or just have too much and should be living a little leaner.
Today's Offering Includes...
6 wooden puzzles with all the pieces, 4 sweaters, 8 pairs of pants - one has the tags on, but they are SIZE 12!, 2 talbots kids items with tags never worn! (how embarrassing), many lightly used boys dress items and girls play items, a few race t-shirts, 12 perfectly good DVD's that we never watch, an old purse, 50 pieces of play food in perfect/never been played with condition, and other assorted things from around the house like un-utilized photo frames and a photo box for "BABY" that was never used at all.

The food bank bag goes back in the pantry for deliver on another day, because it's 20 minutes from here, and I don't have an hour of time before preschool pick up.

Yesterday 2.5 mile walk, w/ dogs.
TODAY 3.88 mile run, w/ neighbor, overall 9:45 pace, felt good


Jen said...

Great job on the giving away. And BETTER job on the running. Good for you. I did not want to take the baby out today in this wind. Will try to run tonight.

wannabewriterrunner said...

Wow what an amazing thing to do for others.

Anne said...

What a great way to commemorate (celebrate doesn't seem fitting here) the Lenten season, and bring a little joy to the less fortunate.

RunHapi13 said...

I love this idea. We have lots of stuff, I want to try to do this in our house. Thanks for sharing!