Saturday, February 13, 2010

SNOW Diary

Snow Diary

December 18 - "IT's snowing! The kids and I are thrilled. It so rarely snows in Richmond that we're over the top happy that for the first time in my (XX) years we are going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS. Even the Christmas's spent in MA were never white. Oh Happy Day! What joy! I'm going out to shovel the walk."

December 24 - "I can't raise my arms, they hurt so bad from shoveling, and now we're in the middle of a crisis. Two broken pipes in the house. This stinks. It's terrible too because it's so slushy outside I can't even send the kids out to play in it. This stuff either needs to melt, or freeze up again, but the "in between state" isn't fun at all. Yes, it seems to be Christmas Eve (or, wait, is it 2am on Christmas morning?) and we're dealing with broken pipes caused quite possibly by the colder than normal water table (due to snow). My sun porch is a mess, we're now using the front door, which is traipsing snow, dirt, salt, gloves and boots all through my house."

January 25 - "The contractor came today and fixed the ceiling on the sun porch and I've returned all the furniture to the room. I washed and put away the snow pants, because seriously, what are the odds that we'll get another good snow this year?"

January 29 - "The weather man says it's going to start snowing shortly. We're torn between excitement and disappointment. They say we're only going to get 4 inches, and in order to sled on our side yard you really need about 6. Well, it's all good, we'll make due with what we've got."

January 30 - "Um. The weather man needs to stop smoking crack. We've got 14 inches of snow on the ground, and the over night temperatures are in the low teens. Get these kids out of my house.... when are they going back to school? March?"

February 2 - "A ski shop threw up on my sun porch. I have 3 children, and somehow that translates into 20 boots in a pile, 12 gloves, 3 (YES THREE) mittens, 7 hats, 2 scarves and 5 jackets, 6 pairs of snow pants all piled on the heater vents and drying rack. I can't get my house clean. My eye is twitching. When will life return to normal? I can't take it any more. This is why I do not choose to home school!"

February 4 - "YEAH! The kids have a 2 hour delay but they're going to school. Finally, for the first time in February! I can get some things done! I can I CAN! But, I am a little worried they're calling for snow tomorrow afternoon."

February 5- "AT 5:30 AM my phone rang. OMW - someone must be dead.... wait, is that?... is that the school's phone number? WHAT! The automated message says they're closing school! Well, it must be really snowing out there.... it's... it's not even snowing yet. Somebody shoot me. There's no snow, and they've canceled school. Kids, get your snow pants on and get outside, I don't care, you are not staying here for the day. Come back at lunch, or when you get frostbite, whichever comes first." ... 2 hours later on the same day, "It's a white out outside. Heavy wet white flakes are falling, the wind is blowing, and you can't see the neighbor's house. What do you mean you put the dog out? Well when? Where is she??? Poor little dog!" (*she was fine, seems that she likes the snow)

February 6 - "Snowed in. Un. Friggin. Real."

February 7 - "It took me an hour, but I got my mom to the airport on time. Whew."

February... "what day is it? They've all blended together into a mesh of white snow, grey dirty snow, fluffy snow, crunchy crusty snow, snow that's icy underneath, snow that's icy on top, snow that the kids hate, snow that cancels school, snow that doesn't seem to stop school, snow that's forecast and doesn't fall... or, wait, it's snowing now! Damn the SNOW!!! I had the kids ready for school and walking out the door when the automated call came in that they had canceled school again. CURSE YOU SNOW!"

February 12 - "They're calling for snow tonight in the over night hours. I decided today to hit the library up where we rented a DVD Charlotte's Web (the movie where Julia Roberts plays the voice of Charlotte) because frankly, I needed a good cry today."


Jen said...

I COMPLETELY understand. They are calling for more snow here starting on Monday. I cannot take it any more.

MCM Mama said...

LMAO because I am living the same life. My oldest asked today if it was going to snow again. When I told him possibly on Monday, he asked if that meant no school on Tuesday. I told him not if I had any say in the matter. I'll walk his butt through the huge snow drifts if I have to, but he NEEDS to go to school LOL.

Chele said...

I felt kind of like I was reading a diary they find on those guys trapped in the woods in Alaska just before they start eating each other.

Anne said...

Welcome to my winters...usually! This year, the streets are clear and there has been no snow in a few weeks. Obviously, just saying this is bound to jinx me...anyways, it's still pretty cold out here!

Anne said...

My sister in Blacksburg is going a little more than stir crazy with her three kids after all this snow. I wish I could relate, but, alas, we hit almost 80 here. OK...I'll stop gloating. :-)