Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Test Scores


What can I say about this semester's classes except that they've probably been the hardest and easiest classes I've ever taken.

One of my classes is an online First Aid class. When you take a test for the class you have to travel to the campus and take it in a computer lab. Except the day I showed up to take it, the lab went down! So, I had to take a paper copy. Half Way into the test, the test administrator came in and said, "OOPS! I gave you the test for HLT 100, not HLT 106! So. You have to start over again". Uh. Sure, why not? So, after weeks of waiting my prof to go to the campus to pick up my test, yesterday the teacher finally posted the test grade. Weeks. I'd even sent a cheerful little e-mail saying, in a nice but playful way, that if she wanted to save herself the drive, she could just give me the A. She declined. Nicely though.

My other class is Anatomy & Physiology, which I had my first test in yesterday. Seriously the hardest class I've ever taken, filled with the hardest material I've ever tried to learn. Seriously, I was disarmed by how easy the test seemed. Which is alarming. You remember that feeling from college where you're sure you aced the test and go in to find a low C? Well, regardless (or is that irregardless?) I was fully anticipating getting my test back tomorrow, but because I logged into my online class, I went ahead to see if my A&P Prof updated our scores and... he did.

Here's the most interesting thing about all these test scores. I got EXACTLY the same grade on both of my tests. Seriously. First Aid - Easiest Class Ever, Harder Test Than Anticipated. A&P - Easier Test Than Expected,

both tests... 100%

No really. 100%!!! That's even amazing for me, the 4.0 student. Gosh. Just writing this sounds so unbelievable that I want to log back in and look at them again to make sure that I didn't get mixed up some how and checked my attendance or something.... Sorry - I had to brag.

Today's stats:
ZERO miles run.
Why? Because I was instructed to (and this is a quote) "GO FIND A POOL". Not allowed to run today, knee was "crunchy". Couldn't even find the motivation to walk. Instead I took a tour of an over priced gym.


Anne said...

Congratulations! You are rocking this degree!

I'm tagging you again :)

Jen said...

Congrats... you DID it! I am so that personality!!!!!!


seriously, G. You are no longer to stress over tests. You always come out a rock star!

and my word verification is trothwar - doesn't that sound like something we would get into ... a big mud fight?