Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Things Friday

I missed 3 things Thursday because I was late getting my Lent post out... so, 5 things Friday:

1) The END of an ERA - B. has given up her nap. ~sigh~ I saw the signs last month, but suddenly this week we're really over it. She's napped once in 6 days. Bummer.

2) I'm not going to make my "run 12 miles" goal this week, and that really irks me. I should have said, "run 6 walk 6", but then the goal would have been doable and the one thing I do best is set REALLY high goals that I can't always achieve. Sure does make them that much better when you DO achieve them though.

3) Today I'm making a vegetarian dinner, because it's friday. But also because I'm reading so much literature about why too much meat is bad for you. When I say Literature, I guess what I'm really talking about is my Anatomy & Physiology text book. We should all be eating fish, nuts, beans instead of chickens, cows & pigs. And that's harsh coming from me because I'm a cow, pig, chicken lover, and no, I don't mean in the "save them all" PETA sense. I've found so many recipes though that I can't decide between chickpeas w/ pasta, tomatoes, basil and feta with a green salad on the side, Sweet Potato Pancakes aka - breakfast for dinner, or my own concoction of sauteed squash, garlic, topped with crushed tomatoes over whole wheat pasta. H is arguing for Cod Fish Cakes, which... seems to be meat, but the Catholics assure me that Cod is not meat as far as LENT is concerned. Hmmm. I guess it will all play out at the grocery store when I see the cost of Cod versus the cost of 1.5 pounds of sweet potatoes versus the cost of Feta & tomatoes.

4) Speaking of A&P class, which we weren't, let me for a moment laugh about my prof and his tough accent. I know he's a smart guy, but sometimes its funny to hear him say certain words. Wednesday night he was lecturing about "why americans awl a-fat" (his words, not mine, but...) and "how get skinny" as a "people". And one of the students in the class had a lot of questions about his opinion on the science behind getting thin, and his ultimate answer was (sitting?):
"Get skinny, ah, a-roose weight? You need to eat a-ress. Exah-cise is no as good, because it makes hungry. Eat ress at night, a-roose weight over night. Oh, also, eat ress lipids. So. Eat ress. Roose weight."
I hate to be like this, he's not a bad guy, but he is hard to understand. And he's right, the science behind eating less fat boils down to this: "To convert dietary fat to body fat, 3% of the energy from each gram is used, leaving 97% for storage. If two people eat the same number of calories, but one person's calories come from higher fat percentage, that person will likely weigh more." (g's A&P text book, page 953) I could tell you how many ATP's that gram of fat will produce, but, let's not go there....

5) I realize that I should have gone to medical school. Yes, nursing school makes me wish I was young enough to go to medical school. I'm not though. So. That's pretty much the end of that book. But still, every day that I spend learning about the human body and the mysteries within is a day that I want even more answers!

Happy Weekend, and HIGH FIVE to all those who are racing this weekend including, M.Kish, DeNiece, T., FC, and anyone else out there testing their limits!


Jen said...

It is awesome that you are learning so much. We will need to start paying you to read your blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Go for the whole wheat spaghetti and squash dish! You should roast chickpeas as the snack.

RunHapi13 said...

Bummer on the loss of "the nap"...I love the doctor stuff! You are so smart, I am jealous!