Friday, February 12, 2010

Come Back "Kid" or, uh, Ma'am

I'm planning my "big" come back race for this Saturday. I'm going to head out and race the Sweet Heart 8K.

I got my Dr's blessing, and a gentle threat to not go too fast, as well as a sworn oath that I will quit if I get into too much pain, and finally, he finished his gentle lecture with, "And, if nothing else, I'll be there if you get into real trouble and need me."


So. In Other Words - big brother will be watching, try not to get caught running all out.

That's all good though because I am going to run easy. I don't have an 8K PR, so any time will constitute a PR... and my goal is 11-10 minute miles, with negative splits every mile. No really, if I can't race fast, let me at least race in the ideal "race plan" and see if I can actually do it. Why not? There's no need to bank time.

I am really looking forward to it. Because the fun of racing isn't always about the PR, it's about the Free WATER, the CAMARADERIE, and the JOY of running!

update on the Sweet Heart 8K is that it's been cancelled due to incoming "icy conditions" & "possible Snow". Bummer. But thanks for all the well wishes anyway. I still plan on running tomorrow, it's just going to be in the privacy of my own "run".


Jen said...

Great attitude.

Where is the race?

BTW: Thanks for entering my blog giveaway.

Anne said...

Yay!!! Sounds like the perfect doctor :) ...Looking forward to hearing all about it!


bummer! I am going to run from my house tomorrow (3 miles) to HC then 3 miles with the training group then 3 miles home. Want to join me for any part?

Sarah Bowen Shea said...

Yes, dollar stores are the BEST with kids. Seeing them excitedly hold the dollar bill, the look of intent in their eyes as they decide THE best thing to buy with the dollar. And let's not forget $1 helium birthday balloons--WHY spend more?!

runninaround said...

my race got cancelled this weekend too because of the snow. We don't have any more chances of snow this weekend but they are still working on clearing the 4feet we got this week so the roads aren't open to run. Boo.