Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's the END of the WORLD

Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating. It's not "the end of the world". But it's certainly the first sign of the Apocalypse. No really. I'm sure of it.... earth quakes, war, dramatic weather changes, and a girl's first bra.

A bra? What?

Yes, really, I bought my pancake flat, size negative quintuple A MINUS, child (let me stress that, CHILD) a bra. Actually, a 3 pack. These are not under shirts. These are real bras. With eye hooks and adjustable straps. Why is this freaking me out so much? I had a bra when I was 10. But, then again, I wasn't C.

My eldest, C, is sort of young looking. I mean, I think she's a young 10. She plays with dolls, she likes stuffed animals, and she'll watch Disney Movies till the cows come home and the prince and princess live happily ever after, The End. But lately I've been getting a lot of attitude from her. Something you would expect from a 13 year old, or a 15 year old, or someone who clearly knows that her mother is the stupidest person in the free world.

Nana was in town this past week, and saw some of this nastiness and while we were on a snowy trip to Wally World to pick up a few items, Nana pointed out a little cotton training bra. Now, when you describe my daughter, you would use words like completely undeveloped, lacking breast buds, or pancake flat. There is no need for a bra.

Except Nana pointed out that training bras aren't for support. They're for self esteem. Hmm. I wonder if this could be the source of the *witchiness I've been experiencing. C's best friend has a bra. She NEEDS one though, unlike C.

So I caved at my mother's suggestion, bought my daughter a pack of 3 bras, came home and gave them to her. And I was instantly promoted to the COOLEST MOM IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. (as said in the big announcer voice)

Suddenly, the *witchiness" is gone. C is floating around like a million bucks. She's even dressing a bit nicer. Suddenly my 10 year old is acting 20. So this is good and bad. She's not acting 10, which is clearly NOT GOOD, but at least she isn't acting 15...


Anne said...

Nana is a very wise woman :)


too funny. I'll have to keep this in mind when Kaden gets all moody on me ... I'm not sure though, I specifically remember not wanting to get a training bra. Apparently, I didn't think they were cool ...

stay strong! I promise things will not get any easier (I know you love my honesty)

RunHapi13 said...

I remember my first bra...I was also a pancake, my BFF was a double D in 6th grade. I remember the boys on the school bus and how they would watch her assets bounce up and down on the daily ride to school. My first bra, was less eventful tahn C's but I am glad she is on Cloud 9! Good for her, and YOU!