Wednesday, March 3, 2010

40 Bags: 8-14

LENT offerings, CONTINUED Bags..

Here's the recap: 40 days of LENT, 40 bags of items donated.

I foraged in my own closet for some of this week's offering, as well as my son's drawers and my daughter C's room. C has grown 1 solid inch since 12/09. It's really only March, and that inch means that anything that was on the fringe of being long enough, is NOT going to cut it as far as I'm concerned.

This week I also acknowledged my own addiction, and have offered up 3 pairs of running shoes to Soles for Souls. A local running store here in Richmond collects shoes that are sent to Africa. I don't know what is done to the shoes before they go, I don't know where exactly they go, but I know that the idea behind it is that there are people with no running shoes at all, when we have tons (and I mean tons) of shoes in our landfills. "Be Free, Brooks Adrenaline! Go with Love Asics!"

The last haul for this weeks offering comes from the darkest area of our home, the place I never go... the 3rd floor playroom. "To bravely go where no mom has gone before"... truly the case. I am embarrassed to admit that we have TWO playrooms in this house. One for the 3 year old and under set, and one for the over 3 set. It makes some things easier, but it spreads the mess twice as far, and because of this spread, I think we have twice the toys that I'd like to have. My down stairs playroom purge netted a few little people items (a ZOO). The upstairs playroom netted ... 2 bags in 2 minutes. Not even kidding, I actually timed it.

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MCM Mama said...

Good job on the bags! I can't wait for the first warm, open the windows day. Our playroom is not used much during the winter because it's too cold unless we use the separate heater. As soon as it's warm, I"m going in there and removing all the toys that weren't asked for in the last three months!