Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break has come to an end. For me at least. We're still 2 weeks away from my kids Spring Break. I DO wish they had over lapped.

It was a good week for me, and I didn't really know how badly I needed a break until I got it. I got a lot done this week really. I was able to do this because I didn't have class absorbing 5 hours a week, plus 15 hours of homework. I also did some things I've "been meaning to do" for a while. Here's a quick re-cap.

I wrote a rough term paper (if you're dying to know, it's on microbiology, pathogens, normal flora) on Monday and polished and finished it on Friday. Beyond that, I did NO homework. It is rare for me to slack like that, but now I am rested and ready to return to my schooling.

I upped my fitness milage and intensity this week, alternating swimming, walking, running and ~Gasp~ one whole bike ride. Pink and I went for a ride (with the kids and B in tow). That means it wasn't an intense ride, but at least it was a ride. Right? Total milage for the week was an astounding 28 miles!

Also this week I spent a few extra minutes logging food "info" in my food diary. Wow, when you have to write it down, you sure do think twice about putting a handful of loose chocolate chips in your mouth. Or, at least that's the case for me!

Finally, I took 10 minutes and wrote my Congressmen and Senators to be sure that they know my opinion on the Health Care Reform Bill. I did that because I have a strong opinion about it, and it's concerning to me that the Rep's being quoted are saying things like "Millions of Americans don't want..." or "Millions of Americans are concerned..." or "Millions of Americans are desperate...", and I wanted to make sure that my opinion was being counted in that "millions". I sometimes question if the people in Washington actually KNOW what their constituents want, so, if you're a US citizen, write your congressman or senator to let him/her know your opinion on the bill. If you don't, and it doesn't pan out the way you'd like... well, you don't really have any room to complain. Hmmm. Was that preachy? Sorry, I didn't mean to lecture.

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Anne said...

It feels good to get things checked of the to-do list doesn't it? :)