Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stats: New Adventures

Today's Stats: Boldly Going Where No Mom Has Gone Before...

Run: Zero Miles
Walk: Zero Miles
SWIM: 1.5+ Miles!!! What? (yes, you read that right) for 51 minutes, aprox 1.5 MILES I swam. swum?

Seriously. Did you know I can swim? I had no idea either, but apparently it's true! I don't suck at swimming. You know what's super neat about not sucking at swimming today? This was the first time I've swum (swam?) since 2005. I think that I can get faster and more efficient through swimming once a week.

I needed to know how fast I can swim 400M so I can put in a seed time for my Tri in August. That's 16 lengths of the pool.

I timed my first 4 laps (8 lengths) - 4 minutes breast stroke; easy warm up.
I timed my next 4 laps (8 lengths) - sub 4 minutes free style; slightly harder.
I timed my next 4 (back), and my next 4 (breast), and my next 4(free), and finally, my next 4... all 4 minutes or better. Then at some point I decided to add 2 to make a nice even 30 minutes.

End of Swim. Or. Not. I could swim for a little longer.

Once I got into the zone, I decided I would just swim until I was in danger of drowning. I had originally planned to do 30 minutes swim & 30 minutes on the bike, but at some point I was afraid to get out of the pool. I thought I might lose my momentum in the transition through the locker room, where they have showers.... SO, I just swam 10 minutes more, and took a 1 minute break. And then another 10 minutes, and another 1 minute break. And then, I eeked out another few laps. And then I decided to time myself for just 4 more to see what my speed at my current exertion was... and, 30 seconds down, 30 seconds back, after almost an hour of swimming.

You know how much I hate my pink schwinn? You know the passion I feel about it, the "negative" emotional response I get when I look at it?

Well, that is so not how I feel about my black Speedo!

$10 says tomorrow I can't move... any takers?


wannabewriterrunner said...

Way to go!

Jen said...

I'll take that bet! You will probably feel sore, but will be able to move.


RunHapi13 said...

I do suck at swimming but I lovey my bike so I guess it evens out eh? Great job!

Allie said...

Wow, that's awesome! I'm thinking of taking a swim class this summer. I can swim but I have never been taught the proper way to swim and next year I really want to do a tri. I figure I might as well start practicing.