Saturday, March 13, 2010

I made a list

I made a LIST. Not a ToDo list, but it's related... a friend of mine reminded me that when she makes a list it helps her know where to start her chores. So I thought, "Hey now, That might work with food too."

I made a list of foods that were good choices for lunch, filling and things I like, so that when I come in from my morning all hungry and knoshy feeling, I can just choose something off the list. When I made the list I chose mostly foods that were in my food diary from about a year ago when I was really eating well, and always satisfied. I was living with the idea at the time that I wasn't a girl scout, so I shouldn't be fueling up on girl scout cookies, hot dogs and tortilla chips.

So the first phase of my "recovery" begins with the food over haul. The good news is that I've already done the work & research. I know what should work for me. I do best on a High Protein, High Carb, Low Fat & mostly vegetarian diet. And by DIET I don't mean "fad", I mean, "lifestyle eating". By the way, there are lots of people who do better on a more moderate approach with more carbs, less protein, etc. Just sayin'. What works for me might not work for you, everyone has to do their own research. And lucky for me, my most favorite foods generally fall into that list, and are just about in season. In a month I'll be high on fruit.

I now have (~gasp~) 14 pounds to lose. O.M.G. That's 10% (or so...) of my current body weight! I don't think just trimming my calories IN is going to cut it. I think it's time to bring in the big guns. I think... no, I know, it's time to rejoin Stroller Strides so I can add some calories BURNED to my list, as well as build some lean muscle.

When I first joined Stroller Strides I dropped a bunch of weight, gained a bunch of muscle, and felt so empowered that I took up running. The running even took off a few more pounds of fat and low and behold, you could SEE those muscles. I had a beautiful back, arms and chest for that entire summer... fall... winter, year really. Seriously, I can post a photo to prove it, I allowed a bikini photograph & then (brace yourselves) I sent that photo out on my Christmas Cards... CRAZY talk, but totally a true story. I think I'm going to change my screen saver back to that photo too because THAT woman is the one I want to look like.

It's never too late to start.


Anne said...

You are taking charge of this with mastery and you will do great!
She is woman...hear her roar :)

Jen said...

I need to see that bikini pic.

Great goals... and remember to drink more water!!!

momof3 said...

I linked it into the post... forgot, it was already up here!

thanks for the motivation ladies!

Stroller Strides Flagstaff said...

Yay for your list! I think that is a great way to kick yourself in the butt & get out there! And that's something so awesome about Stroller Strides- it's always there for you! :)
Good luck!
(and the bikini pic is totally hot) hope that doesn't sound weird coming from a stranger.. :)

Chele said...

The list is a great idea. I'm currently battling to loose 60 & can't do any exercise that involves walking or standing....

MCM Mama said...

The list is an excellent idea! Lunch and afternoon snack are my worst times.