Thursday, March 4, 2010


While TMB is off in FL doing all things Princess, I'm still home toiling over my books.

Last night I got a shockingly low grade on my 2nd First Aid test: a 96%!!! I guess I'm OK with it, technically I only missed 2 qu's. One was a stupid mistake, and one I genuinely didn't know the answer to the question. But you only need a 90% to get an A.... OK g? a 90%, so relax.

After my test I had about an hour to kill before A&P, so my study group and I had loosely scheduled a "if you make it to the school a few minutes early, I'll be here studying" kind of arrangement. We all made it, yes some were late, but the study group was 100% present. The group consists of 5 people.

FELLOW MOM (FM) is another Mom in the nursing program who's dealing with the same kind of juggling I'm dealing with PLUS a husband in school. She's a trooper & a Chemistry Alum.
ROZ is also a Mom, and I liked her the first time she spoke. When we were separating into groups, I simply insisted that she join us.
The next person I've been struggling with a name. Without a doubt, the prettiest girl in our group is Young Mary Kay Rep with Giant Fashionable Bag. She needs a shorter name than that though... I might just call her PRETTY GIRL, because she's worthy of the name.
NICE GUY you all may remember from class last semester, another Chemistry Alum.

During group last night we cranked through our work books and at the end of our session we were chatting. I discovered that TTP (Texting Teacher's Pet) annoys everyone, it's not just me, and the conversation turned from others onto ourselves... we had no room to talk about anyone else, as we have sunk far down the social ladder:

There we were, sitting in the college cafeteria having fun, while studying.

Nice Guy suggested that we might be GEEKS, and 'round the table it went, were we GEEKS? Did we meet the requirements? No, we are NOT geeks, because if we were GEEKS we'd be upstairs where the "Tech boys" who hang out on the couches with their lap tops playing computer games.

"So that must make us NERDS" says NG, and I thought, ME? A NERD? Heck no, I might be an over achiever, but not a nerd. I'm an O.A.N.SAHM (over achieving neurotic SAHmom), not a nerd. Nerds are socially awkward. They don't even fit in with the GEEKS. They study to the extent of NOT having other activities where I balance my life. BUT ultimately, in my head, I know that I am too pretty to be a NERD.

So, I said, in a flat voice with no hint of a smile, "No way, my breasts are too large to be a nerd."

~cue the collective gasp~ at the study table.

Followed by hysterical laughter all around. Gosh it's good to be in a good group that gets the humor of this O.A.N.SAHM


Jen said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! ROFL - seriously!!!!

I am a NERD and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

HAH I love your response.

MCM Mama said...


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