Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Under The Influence

Being overly hungry is like being overly drunk.

Seriously, when a person is overly hungry and in a houseful of food, they're as vulnerable as an intoxicated driver holding a set of keys. They are in NO condition to make a good decision.

Case In Point:

Sunday afternoon, around 4:30, I had a nice reasonable dinner planned. I would serve a side salad next to my dinner, go easy on the rice, and manage to keep my take out Chinese Food splurge under 500 calories. But I knew it was going to be tough to manage, so as double insurance against going over my daily allowance, I made sure I ate a light lunch and laid off the snacks.

By 6:20 I was pigging out on Chinese Food. Lightheaded and shaking with hunger I actually thought to myself, "I feel DRUNK right now".

But why g, why did you let yourself go that far? I don't think I meant to, but that's what happened. I think I would have been better served to have risked going over on my daily calorie intake by eating an apple a half hour before dinner, rather than "waiting". Just goes to show, I am a person who NEEDS a plan.


Jen said...

I agree with the "drunk" feeling. You have to be prepared for those ravenous moments. Create a plan, girlfriend!

Anne said...

Yeah! It makes sense to make sure you aren't too hungry when you know dinner will be so tempting.

Today is another day :)

Robyn said...

I have problems with the same thing and especially being around tempting foods. I eat as much as I can b/c I don't know the next time I'll let myself. But then I just feel sick and guilty after :(

MCM Mama said...

I hate those "I'm so hungry I can't stop eating moments". At least you've identified where you need to change things...