Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1) Lenten bag collection is crazy. I cannot believe how much (junk) I have removed from my house without any effort at all. No really, every week I think, "Its going to be harder this week"... and every week I am appalled at how much we have over STUFFED this house.

2) I had a date last night. It was so nice to go out with someone who I didn't feel the need to impress (because I'm just that impressive). As I was saying, it was nice to go out and relax for a bit. Extra nice because we both had gift certificates and there was no anxiety over how much anything was. Extra EXTRA nice because our server ID'd me. LOL, that's ridiculous - I do not look 21. But I have noticed that the long hair throws people a bit, and I WAS with TMB, and lets be honest, she DOES look 21.

3) Since Sunday I have been back to weighing myself every day, tracking calories (just calories for now, not grams of anything), and logging workouts. These are the tools in my toolbox. It's hard work, but so far, worth the effort. I have set a goal for 10 pounds in 10 weeks. At first, I didn't think I could possibly make this - I live with a FOOD PUSHER. But then I looked at my pusher (aka - H) and said, "I've decided I'm not getting a (strategically placed) WAX until I lose 10 lbs." My food pusher is suddenly taking things away, putting them up high, and encouraging me to go to the gym. Frankly, I think I need to only get a "base wax" at 10 pounds and tell him "No, only 4 more pounds until the INTERNATIONAL WAX" to see if he will continue his good habits. He's hilariously helpful as he casually mentions that it's "only 10:30pm and the pool at the 24 hour gym is still open". Calling all ladies who live with a FOOD PUSHER - I may have found the BEST tool yet for our "tool boxes".

Always looking for more ideas:
What's the best tool in YOUR weight loss/weight maintenance tool box?


MCM Mama said...

Totally LMAO at #3!

Anne said...

#3 = Good one :)

That sounds like a wonderful night out...


You kill me! And I thought about it after we left last night ... we totally didn't get charged for something ... 9+7 (yours) + 10+6+2+tax is not $33, just sayin

Alicia said...

I've been tracking my food a lot lately, too. That last 10 lbs still alludes me. But not for long!

Good strategy with your "food pusher." Seems like it's working!